Mid-term exam results

The mid-term exam #1 marks have been posted to Brightspace.  The exam and my solutions have also been posted.  The exams will be returned in class on Monday, February 26.

Initial Design Presentations Postponed

The Initial Design Presentations originally scheduled for Thursday, February 15 have been rescheduled to Thursday, March 1.  The next deliverable due is the Initial Design Document, which is due on Monday, February 26 at 5pm.

Mid-term exam 1 from 2016 posted on D2L

Note that our mid-term exam may contain additional material on Java, not examined in 2017.  In particular, you should know and recognize the object-oriented features of Java: e.g. creating objects, defining classes, inheritance, interfaces, abstract classes and methods.


  • Assignment 1 is due today!
  • Assignment 2 is posted
  • New notes posted (use cases, design principles);  More notes remain to be posted from Hafez’s lectures
  • On Friday, Jan. 26 we will have our class in Earth Science 3010B.  This is because our regular room will be used for the 2018 Atlantic Engineering Competition.

Schedule/classroom updates

A couple of changes to announce:

  • Recall that I will be out of town from Jan. 13 – 22.  The original plan was for Hafez (our TA) to cover the four lectures on Jan. 15, 17, 19, and 22.  However, he has a conflict on Monday, Jan. 15, so that class is cancelled.  Instead he will be doing an extended class and lab introducing Java on Thursday, Jan. 11 in EN-1038B.  Note that EN-1038B does not have enough computers for all of you—so you are encouraged to bring your own laptops.
  • Later in the semester when we have meetings on Thursday mornings, they will be held in EN-1000 as opposed to EN-4035.  The course outline has been revised to reflect this change.