Fern fractal

COMP 2000

Collaborative and emergent behaviour

Winter 2015



The course consist of four modules, each taught by a different instructor.


Lectures and labs:


Course Description:

Collaborative and Emergent Behavior is a survey of computation as a means of understanding, modeling, and describing artificial and natural systems. The emergence of complex behavior from the interaction of simple rules governing individual components is illustrated and discussed, as well as the role of communication between system components. Selected systems to be studied will be drawn from different topic areas which may include the worldwide web, the mind (cognitive science), formal logic, autonomous robotics, chaos and fractals, and bioinformatics. Each topic will incorporate an associated laboratory experience.


Marking scheme (tentative!)

Every module will have one lab and one quiz, with lab accounting for 0.4 and quiz for 0.6 of the total grade of the module. Modules will be graded separately, and weighted equally, so each quiz would count for 15% and a lab 10% of the total grade.