Flexible circuit simulation (W.M. Zuberek)

Computer-aided circuit analysis or circuit simulation has become an established and accepted tool in the area of circuit design. Using this method circuit designers can easily verify and improve their designs before the time-consuming and expensive fabrication takes place. However, existing circuit simulators are usually quite inconvenient and rather inefficient in applications which require numerous analyses of circuits with the same topology, but with different sets of parameters. Interactive circuit analysis, circuit optimization or parameters extraction are simple examples of such applications. Flexibility needed in such cases can be provided by an "open" structure of a set (or a package) of simulation "primitives" rather than a functionally closed program. SPICE-PAC is a such a circuit simulation package derived from the popular SPICE simulation program. SPICE-PAC supports numerous extensions that are not available in the SPICE-like simulators; many further modifications are being considered, for example mixed-level, mixed-mode and mixed-domain simulation.

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Revised: 1996.12.20