My face.
Paul C. R. Price
Systems Programmer
Department of Computer Science
Office: EN-1058
Phone: 709-737-8316(Math) or
Email: pprice at cs dot mun dot ca
Office Hours:
   9:00 - 5:00   EN-1058
Current Projects:
The DisklessWinxp project is a Windows XP operating system in a Computer
lab setting. The word "diskless" is actually kinda misleading as the computer
is diskfull(has a hard drive in it). We say diskless because the permanent OS files
are stored on a central server. If the hard drive were to die, we would
just replace it and turn the pc back on without installing an OS. The PC
would discover that the the hard drive is missing an OS and download the
appropriate one from the server.
This project pretty much hasn't started yet. We don't plan on starting it until SP1 is released.
Currently this is set for March 2008
Windows Image Manipulication Program (WIMP)
WIMP is a web based tool (webtool) that lab admins use to make and update there diskless windows images.
It is written in python and shell, and is part of the CS Webtools suite.
Submit Assignment
Another web based appilication that uses python. However this one runs as FastCGI with
a sqlite3 backend. It was written by Dr. Rod Byrne in Computer Science and passed on to
me for further development and maintenance. Students can use a command line utility to
submit their assignmnets for markers to correct.
TagCloud Generator
The TagCloud generator will be used to read all the research interests of the Computer
Science Professors and generate a TagCloud webpage. The engine will be written in Java with the
output being html