Department of Computer Science

In this course you learn about data modelling and databases.

A sample course outline can be found here.

We want information!

Some people have very tidy closets, with a place for everything, and everything in its place, all logically ordered. We call those people annoying. But they have a point when it comes to storing data in computers. Because if we use a good structure then we can take raw data and glean useful information from it. Such as producing a web search results page for "closet organizers", or "100 best ways to really irritate a tidy roommate".

So we look at how to analyze a situation where data needs to be stored, how to design a database, and then how to implement and use it.

Other useful information

There is no course text for this course because it's been built from several different sources.

A recommended read for students wanting to study databases in more depth is Fundamentals of Database Systems, by Elmasri & Navathe.

However, please note that the Elmasri & Navathe text is the basis for many 3-credit courses, and even then most courses trace a path through only a few chapters of it, so don't be intimidated by its lengthy and detailed coverage. It's also a rather dry text, so not something you're likely to sit down with for hours at a time.

In the second half of the course we will be using SQLite to learn how to query, create and manipulate databases.

Students who want to get ahead of the game should take the SQLite Tutorial, found here. It's a great resource and lets you work with a pre-prepared database, either online or downloaded to your machine.