Welcome to the Data and Image Analysis Group (DIAG) Lab

We are a research group at the Department of Computer Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), working in the exciting areas of medical image analysis, machine learning and data science.

Our mission is to contribute towards the delivery of better health care through the development of highly accurate and reliable automated medical image interpretation technologies and employing them for the discovery of patient-specific disease biomarkers. Read more about our research focus and see our publication list.

We are looking for motivated PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students to join the team, see openings!


26 April 2022

NEW publication in Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring:
Network-wise concordance of multimodal neuroimaging features across the Alzheimer's disease continuum

16 April 2022

NEW publication in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease:
Machine Learning Based Multimodal Neuroimaging Genomics Dementia Score for Predicting Future Conversion to Alzheimer's Disease

15 April 2022

Welcome! Mohamed Nihal Abdul Manaf

6 April 2022

Grant funded! Development of deep learning based genomic and imaging biomarkers for the early detection of Alzheimer's Disease. Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund.

24 March 2022

Welcome! Mohammed Balfaqih, Rahbar Mahmood Khan

13 January 2022

Welcome! Joshua Bourden

3 December 2021

Welcome! Ethan Crann

25 November 2021

NEW publication in CMIG:
3D hemisphere-based convolutional neural network for whole-brain MRI segmentation

23 November 2021

Welcome! Harsh Sharma

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