Computer Science 3718: Programming in the Small (Fall 2000)

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Todd Wareham
Mon 4-5pm
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*** IMPORTANT NOTICE (December 30, 2000): ***

If you got an INC (incomplete) grade in this course, it was because I could not get your term project working. I am leaving tomorrow for a conference and will not be back in my office until January 10. I have not had time to crawl through the projects that did not work and find out what was going on. Hence, I have come up with the following plan:

Those to whom I granted extensions until Jan 10 to get in their projects now have until Jan 12, noon; they should follow the procedure above, though, to ensure that their projects are markable. Several additional notes:


This page is adapted from that for CS3710 (Winter 1999) created by Mike Rendell.

Created: September 1, 2000
Last Modified: January 17, 2001