Course Notes / Class Diary: CS 2710, Section 01 (Fall 1999)

All course transparency files given below, e.g.,, are in PostScript format. To read this format, you need access to a PostScript reader. The most widely-available of these readers is called "ghostview", and is available on our departmental Linux systems as command "gv", e.g., "/usr/X11/bin/gv". If you require a PostScript viewer for your computer at home, Hamsa Subramanian reccomends the following website of downloadable software for viewing Postscript files; Greg Lush also recomends the following website of downloadable PostScript software.
Kurt Sampson has passed on the following info about printing PostScript documents under Windows: "To print from GSview in windows, in the print screen select mswinpr2 from the device section. Make sure Post Script Printer and Print to File are NOT selected. In the Queue: field select the name of your printer and press ok. This will allow windows to convert the .ps file to a temporary .doc file to print normally."
People curious about on-line Java tutorials should check out this website (found by Greg Lush).
A good review of the material in Lewis and Loftus (1998) (our course textbook) is given online at the University of Toronto's introductory Java course home page
( lecture notes ; course home page ) (found by Greg Saunders).
Persons curious about the UNIX operating system (of which Linux is the PC version) might find the folowing on-line tutorial interesting.
Persons curious about the Linux operating system should contact the St. John's Linux Users Group (SLUG).
Please note that copies of all transparencies listed below are on reserve in the QE II Library; they are listed under Computer Science 2710 as "Lecture Notes" and collectively have Library Reserve # 10905.


Created: September 8, 1999
Last Modified: December 8, 1999