Computer Science 1000:
Computer Science: An Introduction
(Fall 2021)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of COMP 1000 is a new version of this course offered for the first time in Fall 2019. It is no longer a required course for Computer Science Majors or Minors, though it may still be used to satisfy the Computing requirement in other disciplines. Computer Science Majors and Minors should consult with the CS Deputy Head Undergraduate Studies (Mark Hatcher: / EN-2016) or the CS Undergraduate Academic Program Officer (Cathy Hyde: / EN-2025) for the appropriate alternate course selection for their degrees.

Instructor Office Office Hours Lectures
Todd Wareham
TBA MWF, 12:00-12:50pm

Thanks are extended to Danielle Donnelly, Mark Hatcher, Deni Latic, Ingrid Verbree-Barnes, and Charles Wadden for helping to compile materials for this website.

Created: July 19, 2021
Last Modified: August 3, 2021