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Current Research Interests

Real-Time Strategy Game Combat AI - SparCraft

Real-Time Strategy Game Combat is a difficult area to apply traditional search or learning algorithms due to its extremely large state and action spaces and harsh real-time computational constraints. We have created SparCraft, an open source StarCraft combat simulator which comes packaged with several search algorithms for RTS Combat, including Alpha-Beta, UCT, and a new algorithm called Portfolio Greedy Search.

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Real-Time Strategy Game Build Order Planning

To win an RTS game you need an army, and to build an army efficiently and quickly you need a good build order. Our research in build order optimizatio has resulted in the first build order planning system capable of finding build orders in real-time under harsh tournament settings. All of the build orders in UAlbertaBot are planned in real time with this system with no hard coded build orders whatsoever.

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StarCraft AI Competitions

Since 2011 I have organized and competed in the AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition. For information please see the competition website.