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SctpCMTAgent Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for SctpCMTAgent:
SctpAgent Agent Connector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

void Timeout (SctpChunkType_E, SctpDest_S *)
void SackGenTimerExpiration ()

Protected Member Functions

void delay_bind_init_all ()
int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
void OptionReset ()
void Reset ()
void TraceAll ()
void TraceVar (const char *)
void trace (TracedVar *)
void AddToSendBuffer (SctpDataChunkHdr_S *, int, u_int, SctpDest_S *)
int GenChunk (SctpChunkType_E, u_char *)
void SendBufferDequeueUpTo (u_int)
void FastRtx ()
Boolean_E AnyMarkedChunks ()
void MarkChunkForRtx (SctpSendBufferNode_S *, MarkedForRtx_E)
void RtxMarkedChunks (SctpRtxLimit_E)
void recv (Packet *pkt, Handler *)
void SendMuch ()
Boolean_E ProcessGapAckBlocks (u_char *, Boolean_E)
void ProcessSackChunk (u_char *)
int ProcessChunk (u_char *, u_char **)
u_int GetHighestOutstandingTsn (SctpDest_S *)
void HeartbeatGenTimerExpiration (double)
SctpDest_SSelectRtxDest (SctpSendBufferNode_S *, SctpRtxLimit_E)
void SetSharedCCParams (SctpDest_S *)
char * PrintDestStatus (SctpDest_S *)
SctpDest_SSelectFromPFDests ()

Protected Attributes

Boolean_E eUseCmtReordering
Boolean_E eUseCmtCwnd
Boolean_E eUseCmtDelAck
u_int uiNumPacketsSacked
u_int uiNumDestsSacked
CmtRtxPolicy_E eCmtRtxPolicy
Boolean_E eUseCmtPF
u_int uiCmtPFCwnd
u_int uiArwnd
TracedInt tiCountPFToActiveNewData
TracedInt tiCountPFToActiveRtxms

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