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SRMAgent Class Reference

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Agent Connector NsObject Handler ASRMAgent SSMSRMAgent

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Public Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
virtual void sendmsg (int nbytes, const char *flags=0)
virtual void send (int nbytes)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void start ()
SRMinfoget_state (int sender)
virtual void cleanup ()
virtual void addExtendedHeaders (Packet *)
virtual void parseExtendedHeaders (Packet *)
virtual int request (SRMinfo *sp, int hi)
virtual void recv_data (int sender, int msgid, u_char *data)
virtual void recv_repr (int round, int sender, int msgid, u_char *data)
virtual void recv_rqst (int requestr, int round, int sender, int msgid)
virtual void recv_sess (Packet *, int sessCtr, int *data)
virtual void send_ctrl (int typ, int rnd, int sndr, int msgid, int sz)
virtual void send_sess ()

Protected Attributes

int dataCtr_
int sessCtr_
int packetSize_
Tcl_HashTable * siphash_
int groupSize_
int seqno_
int app_fid_
packet_t app_type_

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