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RouteLogic Class Reference

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RouteLogicAlgo SatRouteObject

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Public Member Functions

int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual int lookup_flat (char *asrc, char *adst, int &result)
virtual int lookup_flat (int sid, int did)
int lookup_hier (char *asrc, char *adst, int &result)
int elements_in_level (int *addr, int level)
int domains ()
int domain_size (int domain)
int cluster_size (int domain, int cluster)

Static Public Member Functions

static void ns_strtok (char *addr, int *addrstr)

Protected Member Functions

void check (int)
void alloc (int n)
void reset (int src, int dst)
void compute_routes ()
void insert (int src, int dst, double cost)
void insert (int src, int dst, double cost, void *entry)
void reset_all ()
void hier_check (int index)
void hier_alloc (int size)
void hier_init (void)
void str2address (const char *const *address, int *src, int *dst)
void get_address (char *target, int next_hop, int index, int d, int size, int *src)
void hier_insert (int *src, int *dst, int cost)
void hier_reset (int *src, int *dst)
void hier_compute ()
void hier_compute_routes (int index, int d)
void hier_print_hadj ()
void hier_print_route ()

Protected Attributes

int size_
int maxnode_
int ** hadj_
int ** hroute_
int * hsize_
int * cluster_size_
char *** hconnect_
int level_
int * C_
int D_
int Cmax_

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