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Rmst Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Rmst (int id, int mx_frag=-1)
void * getFrag (int frag_no)
void putFrag (int frag_no, void *data)
bool holeInFragMap ()
bool rmstComplete ()
bool inHoleMap (int hole_no)
void putHole (int hole_no)
NakDatagetHole (int hole_no)
void delHole (int hole_no)
bool holeMapEmpty ()
void cleanHoleMap ()
void syncHoleMap ()

Public Attributes

handle watchdog_handle_
bool watchdog_active_
bool cancel_watchdog_
handle ack_timer_handle_
bool ack_timer_active_
Int2Nak hole_map_
int rmst_no_
int max_frag_
int max_frag_len_
int max_frag_rec_
int max_frag_sent_
int sync_base_
int pkts_rec_
int pkts_sent_
int naks_rec_
int32_t last_hop_
int32_t fwd_hop_
int last_hop_pkts_sent_
bool local_source_
u_int16_t local_source_port_
char * target_str_
bool reinf_
bool acked_
bool resent_last_data_
bool resent_last_exp_
bool wait_for_new_path_
bool sent_exp_req_
struct timeval last_data_time_
struct timeval last_nak_time_
struct timeval exp_req_time_

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