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ReassemblyQueue Class Reference

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struct  seginfo

Public Member Functions

 ReassemblyQueue (TcpSeq &rcvnxt)
int empty ()
int add (TcpSeq sseq, TcpSeq eseq, TcpFlag pflags, RqFlag rqflags=0)
int maxseq ()
int minseq ()
int total ()
int nexthole (TcpSeq seq, int &, int &)
int gensack (int *sacks, int maxsblock)
void clear ()
void init (TcpSeq rcvnxt)
TcpFlag clearto (TcpSeq)
TcpFlag cleartonxt ()
void dumplist ()

Static Public Member Functions

static seginfo * newseginfo ()
static void deleteseginfo (seginfo *)

Protected Member Functions

TcpFlag coalesce (seginfo *, seginfo *, seginfo *)
void fremove (seginfo *)
void sremove (seginfo *)
void push (seginfo *)
void cnts (seginfo *, int &, int &)

Protected Attributes

seginfo * head_
seginfo * tail_
seginfo * top_
seginfo * bottom_
seginfo * hint_
int total_
TcpSeq & rcv_nxt_

Static Protected Attributes

static seginfo * freelist_ = NULL

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