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RateLimitSessionList Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

int insert (RateLimitSession *session)
int filter (Packet *p, int lowDemand)
int containsAggSpec (AggSpec *)
RateLimitSessioncontainsLocalAggSpec (AggSpec *spec, int myID)
void mergeSessions (int myID)
int noMySessions (int myID)
void endSession (RateLimitSession *)
int getMySubsetCount (int prefix, int bits, int myID)
void merge (int prefix, int bits, int myID)
RateLimitSessiongetSessionByLocalID (int localID)
RateLimitSessiongetSessionByRemoteID (int remoteID)
int rankRate (int myID, double rate)
int rankSession (int myID, RateLimitSession *session)

Public Attributes

int noSessions_
int IDCounter_

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