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RLookup Class Reference

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BMLookup FRLookup HMLookup NHLookup NOLookup

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Public Member Functions

virtual RLookup_Types WhatType () const =0
virtual void Populate (RoutingVec_t &r, RoutingVec_t &p, nodeid_t d=NODE_NONE, nodeid_t o=NODE_NONE, nodeid_t f=NODE_NONE, nodeid_t l=NODE_NONE)=0
virtual void Populate (istream &is)
virtual nodeid_t Lookup (nodeid_t)=0
virtual size_t Size ()=0
virtual size_t NumberEntries ()
virtual void Log (ostream &)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Analyze (RoutingVec_t &, RoutingVec_t &, nodeid_t &, nodeid_t &, nodeid_t, nodeid_t &, nodeid_t &)

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