QA Member List

This is the complete list of members for QA, including all inherited members.
agent_ (defined in Application)Application [protected]
AllZero(double *arr, int len) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
Application() (defined in Application)Application
avgrate_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
buffer_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
BufNeed(double side, double slope) (defined in QA)QA [inline, protected]
bufOptScen1(int layer, int layers, double currrate, double slope, int backoffs) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
bufOptScen2(int layer, int layers, double currrate, double slope, int backoffs) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
bw_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
check_availability(int layer, const MediaSegment &s) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
check_layers(int layer, MediaSegment &tmp) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
command(int argc, const char *const *argv) (defined in QA)QA [protected, virtual]
data_ (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected]
debug(const char *fmt,...) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
debug_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
drain_buf(double *DrainArr, double bufToDrain, double *FinalDrainArray, double *bufAvail, int layers, double rate, double srtt) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
DrainBuffers() (defined in QA)QA [protected]
drained_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
DrainPacket(double bufToDrain, double *FinalDrainArray, int layers, double rate, double srtt, double *FinalBuffer) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
DumpInfo(double t, double last_t, double rate, double avgrate, double srtt) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
enableRecv_ (defined in Application)Application [protected]
enableResume_ (defined in Application)Application [protected]
get_data(int &size, AppData *req_data=0) (defined in QA)QA [virtual]
layer_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
LAYERBW_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
log(const char *fmt,...) (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp
log_ (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected]
MAXACTIVELAYERS_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
MAXBKOFF_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
MediaApp(const char *page) (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp
MWM(double srtt) (defined in QA)QA [inline, protected]
num_layer_ (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected]
outlist_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
output(int &size, int layer) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
page_ (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected]
panic(const char *fmt,...) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
playing_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
playTime_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
poffset_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
pref_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
pref_srtt_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
Process() (defined in Process)Process [inline]
process_data(int size, AppData *data) (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [inline, virtual]
QA(const char *page) (defined in QA)QA
rap() (defined in QA)QA [inline, protected]
rate() (defined in QA)QA [inline, protected]
rate_weight_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
recv(int nbytes) (defined in Application)Application [virtual]
recv_msg(int nbytes, const char *msg=0) (defined in Application)Application [inline, virtual]
resume() (defined in Application)Application [virtual]
seg_size_ (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected]
send(int nbytes) (defined in Application)Application [virtual]
send_data(int size, AppData *data=0) (defined in Process)Process [inline, virtual]
sending_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
set_page(const char *pg) (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [inline]
SMOOTHFACTOR_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
SRTTWEIGHT_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
start() (defined in MediaApp)MediaApp [protected, virtual]
startTime_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
stop() (defined in QA)QA [protected, virtual]
target() (defined in Process)Process [inline]
target_ (defined in Process)Process [protected]
TotalBuf(int n, double *buffer) (defined in QA)QA [protected]
UpdateInterval() (defined in QA)QA [inline]
UpdateState() (defined in QA)QA
updTimer_ (defined in QA)QA [protected]
~QA() (defined in QA)QA [virtual]