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PrefixTree Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void reset ()
void traverse ()
void registerDrop (int address, int size)
AggReturnidentifyAggregate (double arrRate, double linkBW)
void insertCluster (cluster *clusterList, int index, int count, int noBits)
void goDownCluster (cluster *clusterList, int index)
void sortCluster (cluster *clusterList, int lastIndex)
void swapCluster (cluster *clusterList, int id1, int id2)
AggReturncalculateLowerBound ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int getLastIndex ()
static int getMaxAddress ()
static int getBitI (int address, int i)
static int getIndexFromPrefix (int prefix, int noBits)
static int getIndexFromAddress (int address, int noBits)
static int getPrefixFromIndex (int index)
static int getNoBitsFromIndex (int index)
static int getFirstIndexOfBit (int noBits)
static int getLastIndexOfBit (int noBits)
static int getPrefixBits (int prefix, int noBits)

Public Attributes

int countArray [(1<< (NO_BITS+1))-1]

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