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OnePhasePullFilter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 OnePhasePullFilter (int argc, char **argv)
void run ()
void recv (Message *msg, handle h)
void messageTimeout (Message *msg)
void interestTimeout (Message *msg)
void gradientTimeout ()
void reinforcementTimeout ()
int subscriptionTimeout (NRAttrVec *attrs)

Protected Member Functions

handle setupFilter ()
RoutingEntryfindRoutingEntry (NRAttrVec *attrs)
void deleteRoutingEntry (RoutingEntry *routing_entry)
RoutingEntrymatchRoutingEntry (NRAttrVec *attrs, RoutingTable::iterator start, RoutingTable::iterator *place)
SubscriptionEntryfindMatchingSubscription (RoutingEntry *routing_entry, NRAttrVec *attrs)
void sendInterest (NRAttrVec *attrs, RoutingEntry *routing_entry)
void sendDisinterest (NRAttrVec *attrs, RoutingEntry *routing_entry)
void forwardData (Message *msg, RoutingEntry *routing_entry, DataForwardingHistory *forwarding_history)
void processOldMessage (Message *msg)
void processNewMessage (Message *msg)
void addLocalFlowsToMessage (Message *msg)
void readFlowsFromList (int number_of_flows, FlowIdList *flow_list, void *source_blob)
int * writeFlowsToList (FlowIdList *flow_list)
bool removeFlowFromList (FlowIdList *flow_list, int32_t flow)

Protected Attributes

handle filter_handle_
int pkt_count_
int random_id_
RoutingTable routing_list_

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