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NewRenoTcpAgent Class Reference

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RenoTcpAgent TcpAgent Agent Connector NsObject Handler NewRenoTcpAsymAgent NewRenoTcpFsAgent NewRenoTcpAsymFsAgent NewRenoTcpAsymFsAgent

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Public Member Functions

virtual void recv (Packet *pkt, Handler *)
virtual void partialnewack_helper (Packet *pkt)
virtual void dupack_action ()

Protected Member Functions

void partialnewack (Packet *pkt)
int allow_fast_retransmit (int last_cwnd_action_)

Protected Attributes

int newreno_changes_
int newreno_changes1_
int acked_
int new_ssthresh_
double ack2_
double ack3_
double basertt_
int firstpartial_
int partial_window_deflation_
int exit_recovery_fix_

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