MediaServer Member List

This is the complete list of members for MediaServer, including all inherited members.
add_cnc(HttpApp *client, TcpApp *agt) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
cmap_ (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected]
command(int argc, const char *const *argv) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected, virtual]
delete_cnc(HttpApp *client) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
find_prefinfo(PrefInfoQ *q, Application *conid) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [inline, protected]
get_data(int &size, AppData *d) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [virtual]
get_next_segment(MediaRequest *r, Application *&ci) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected]
get_piq(const char *pgname, HttpApp *client) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [inline, protected]
get_reginfo(Application *app) (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [inline, protected]
HttpApp() (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp
id() const (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [inline]
id_ (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
log(const char *fmt,...) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp
log_ (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
lookup_cnc(HttpApp *client) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
MediaServer() (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer
pool_ (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
pref_ (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected]
PrefInfoE typedef (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected]
PrefInfoQ typedef (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer [protected]
Process() (defined in Process)Process [inline]
process_data(int size, AppData *d) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [virtual]
send_data(int size, AppData *data=0) (defined in Process)Process [inline, virtual]
set_pagepool(ClientPagePool *pp) (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [inline, protected]
target() (defined in Process)Process [inline]
target_ (defined in Process)Process [protected]
tpa_ (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [protected]
~HttpApp() (defined in HttpApp)HttpApp [virtual]
~MediaServer() (defined in MediaServer)MediaServer