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MediaPage Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { FETCHLOCK = 1, XMITLOCK = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 MediaPage (const char *n, int s, double mt, double et, double a, int l)
virtual WebPageType type () const
virtual void print_info (char *buf)
int num_layer () const
HitCountget_hit_count (int layer)
void hit_layer (int layer)
int layer_size (int layer)
void add_segment (int layer, const MediaSegment &s)
int evict_tail_segment (int layer, int size)
void add_layer (int layer)
char * print_layer (int layer)
MediaSegmentList is_available (int layer, const MediaSegment &s)
MediaSegment next_available (int layer, const MediaSegment &s)
MediaSegment next_overlap (int layer, const MediaSegment &s)
void lock ()
void unlock ()
int is_locked ()
void tlock ()
void tunlock ()
int is_tlocked ()
int is_complete ()
void set_complete ()
void create ()
int realsize () const

Protected Member Functions

void set_complete_layer (int layer)
int is_complete_layer (int layer)

Protected Attributes

MediaSegmentList layer_ [MAX_LAYER]
int flags_ [MAX_LAYER]
HitCounthc_ [MAX_LAYER]
int num_layer_
int locked_
int realsize_

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