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MPLSAddressClassifier Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MPLSAddressClassifier:
AddressClassifier Classifier NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Static Public Attributes

static int ordered_control_ = 0
static int on_demand_ = 0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void install (int slot, NsObject *target)
virtual int classify (Packet *p)
int MPLSclassify (Packet *p)
int processIP ()
int processLabelP ()
int convertL2toL2 (int iLabel, int oIface, int oLabel, int LIBptr)
int convertL3toL2 (int oIface, int oLabel, int LIBptr)
void GetIPInfo (Packet *p, ns_addr_t &dstaddr, int &phb, int &srcnode)
hdr_mplscheckTTL (hdr_mpls *shimhdr)
hdr_mplsGetShimHeader (Packet *p)
hdr_mplsDelAllShimHeader (hdr_mpls *shimhdr)
hdr_mplspush (hdr_mpls *shimhdr, int oLabel)
hdr_mplspop (hdr_mpls *shimhdr)
void swap (hdr_mpls *shimhdr, int oLabel)
void PFTinsert (int FEC, int PHB, int LIBptr)
void PFTdelete (int entrynb)
void PFTdeleteLIBptr (int LIBptr)
void PFTupdate (int entrynb, int LIBptr)
int PFTlocate (int FEC, int PHB, int &LIBptr)
int PFTlookup (int FEC, int PHB, int &oIface, int &oLabel, int &LIBptr)
void ERBinsert (int LSPid, int FEC, int LIBptr)
void ERBdelete (int entrynb)
void ERBupdate (int entrynb, int LIBptr)
int ERBlocate (int LSPid, int FEC, int &LIBptr)
int LIBinsert (int iIface, int iLabel, int oIface, int oLabel)
int LIBisdeleted (int entrynb)
void LIBupdate (int entrynb, int iIface, int iLabel, int oIface, int oLabel)
int LIBlookup (int entrynb, int &oIface, int &oLabel, int &LIBptr)
int LIBlookup (int iIface, int iLabel, int &oIface, int &oLabel, int &LIBptr)
int LIBgetIncoming (int entrynb, int &iIface, int &iLabel)
int ErLspBinding (int FEC, int PHB, int erFEC, int LSPid)
int ErLspStacking (int erFEC0, int erLSPid0, int erFEC, int erLSPid)
int FlowAggregation (int fineFEC, int finePHB, int coarseFEC, int coarsePHB)
int aPathBinding (int FEC, int PHB, int erFEC, int LSPid)
int aPathLookup (int FEC, int PHB, int &oIface, int &oLabel, int &LIBptr)
int is_link_down (int node)
int do_reroute (Packet *p)
void PFTdump (const char *id)
void ERBdump (const char *id)
void LIBdump (const char *id)
void trace (char *ptype, int psize, int ilabel, char *op, int oiface, int olabel, int ttl)
virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *, const char *, TclObject *)

Protected Attributes

int size_
int ttl_
int label_
int enable_reroute_
int reroute_option_
int trace_mpls_

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