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IPNetwork Class Reference

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Network UDPIPNetwork

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Public Member Functions

int ttl () const
int noloopback_broken ()
int setmttl (Socket, int)
int setmloop (Socket, int)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
Socket rchannel ()
Socket schannel ()
int send (u_char *buf, int len)
int recv (u_char *buf, int len, sockaddr &from, double &)
in_addr & laddr ()
in_addr & dstaddr ()
int add_membership (Socket, in_addr &grp)
int drop_membership (Socket, in_addr &grp)

Static Public Member Functions

static int bindsock (Socket, in_addr &, u_int16_t, sockaddr_in &)
static int connectsock (Socket, in_addr &, u_int16_t, sockaddr_in &)
static int rbufsize (Socket, int)
static int sbufsize (Socket, int)

Protected Member Functions

void reset (int reconfigure)
virtual int open (int mode)
virtual void reconfigure ()
int close ()

Protected Attributes

in_addr destaddr_
in_addr localaddr_
int mttl_
Socket rsock_
Socket ssock_
int noloopback_broken_
int loop_
time_t last_reset_

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