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HashClassifier Class Reference

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Classifier NsObject Handler DestHashClassifier FidHashClassifier SrcDestFidHashClassifier SrcDestHashClassifier

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union  hkey

Public Member Functions

 HashClassifier (int keylen)
virtual int classify (Packet *p)
virtual long lookup (Packet *p)
virtual long unknown (Packet *p)
void set_default (int slot)
int do_set_hash (nsaddr_t src, nsaddr_t dst, int fid, int slot)
void set_table_size (int nn)

Protected Member Functions

long lookup (nsaddr_t src, nsaddr_t dst, int fid)
int newflow (Packet *pkt)
void reset ()
virtual const char * hashkey (nsaddr_t, nsaddr_t, int)=0
int set_hash (nsaddr_t src, nsaddr_t dst, int fid, long slot)
long get_hash (nsaddr_t src, nsaddr_t dst, int fid)
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Protected Attributes

int default_
Tcl_HashTable ht_
hkey buf_
int keylen_

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