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DiffusionCoreAgent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 DiffusionCoreAgent (int argc, char **argv)
void usage (char *s)
void run ()
void timeToStop ()
void neighborsTimeout ()
void filterTimeout ()

Protected Member Functions

void sendMessageToLibrary (Message *msg, u_int16_t dst_agent_id)
void sendPacketToLibrary (DiffPacket pkt, int len, u_int16_t dst)
void sendMessageToNetwork (Message *msg)
void sendPacketToNetwork (DiffPacket pkt, int len, int dst)
void recvPacket (DiffPacket pkt)
void recvMessage (Message *msg)
HashEntrygetHash (unsigned int, unsigned int)
void putHash (unsigned int, unsigned int)
void updateNeighbors (int id)
void processMessage (Message *msg)
void processControlMessage (Message *msg)
void logControlMessage (Message *msg, int command, int param1, int param2)
bool restoreOriginalHeader (Message *msg)
FilterListgetFilterList (NRAttrVec *attrs)
FilterEntryfindFilter (int16_t handle, u_int16_t agent)
FilterEntrydeleteFilter (int16_t handle, u_int16_t agent)
bool addFilter (NRAttrVec *attrs, u_int16_t agent, int16_t handle, u_int16_t priority)
FilterList::iterator findMatchingFilter (NRAttrVec *attrs, FilterList::iterator filter_itr)
u_int16_t getNextFilterPriority (int16_t handle, u_int16_t priority, u_int16_t agent)
void forwardMessage (Message *msg, FilterEntry *filter_entry)
void sendMessage (Message *msg)

Protected Attributes

float lon_
float lat_
int32_t my_id_
u_int16_t diffusion_port_
int pkt_count_
int random_id_
char * config_file_
DeviceList in_devices_
DeviceList out_devices_
DeviceList local_out_devices_
NeighborList neighbor_list_
FilterList filter_list_
BlackList black_list_
HashList hash_list_
Tcl_HashTable htable_

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