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Classifier Class Reference

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NsObject Handler AddressClassifier DelayBoxClassifier HashClassifier HierClassifier LmsClassifier MacClassifier MCastClassifier MultiPathForwarder NixClassifier PortClassifier QSClassifier Replicator SRClassifier VirtualClassifier

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Public Types

enum  classify_ret { ONCE = -2, TWICE = -1 }

Public Member Functions

int maxslot () const
NsObjectslot (int slot)
int mshift (int val)
void set_default_target (NsObject *obj)
virtual void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
virtual NsObjectfind (Packet *)
virtual int classify (Packet *)
virtual void clear (int slot)
virtual void do_install (char *dst, NsObject *target)
int install_next (NsObject *node)
virtual void install (int slot, NsObject *)
void set_table_size (int nn)
virtual void set_table_size (int level, int nn)
int allocPort (NsObject *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int getnxt (NsObject *)
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void alloc (int)

Protected Attributes

NsObject ** slot_
int nslot_
int maxslot_
int offset_
int shift_
int mask_
int nsize_

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