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CalendarScheduler Class Reference

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Scheduler RealTimeScheduler

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struct  Bucket

Public Member Functions

void cancel (Event *)
void insert (Event *)
Eventlookup (scheduler_uid_t uid)
Eventdeque ()
const Eventhead ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void reinit (int nbuck, double bwidth, double start)
virtual void resize (int newsize, double start)
virtual double newwidth (int newsize)

Protected Attributes

double min_bin_width_
unsigned int adjust_new_width_interval_
unsigned time_to_newwidth
long unsigned head_search_
long unsigned insert_search_
int round_num_
long int gap_num_
double last_time_
double avg_gap_
double width_
double diff0_
double diff1_
double diff2_
int stat_qsize_
int nbuckets_
int lastbucket_
int top_threshold_
int bot_threshold_
struct CalendarScheduler::Bucketbuckets_
int qsize_

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