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ArpAgent Class Reference

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NsObject Handler

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struct  acache_entry

Protected Member Functions

char icode (const char *)
acache_entryfind (in_addr &)
void insert (in_addr &, ether_addr &, char code)
void dispatch (int)
int sendreq (in_addr &)
int sendresp (ether_addr &, in_addr &, ether_addr &)
int resolve (const char *host, char *&result, int sendreq)
void doreq (ether_arp *)
void doreply (ether_arp *)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
int command (int, const char *const *)

Protected Attributes

ether_header eh_template_
ether_arp ea_template_
ether_addr my_ether_
in_addr my_ip_
int base_size_
u_char * rcv_buf_
int nacache_
int cur_
int pending_

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