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Agent Class Reference

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Connector NsObject Handler AbsTcpAgent AbsTcpSink AckRecons AdaptiveRcvr AODV BayTcpAppAgent CtrMcastDecap CtrMcastEncap Decapsulator DiffusionAgent DSDV_Agent DSRAgent DSRProto DumbAgent Encapsulator FloodAgent FloodingAgent GAFAgent HttpInvalAgent IcmpAgent imepAgent IvsReceiver IvsSource LandmarkAgent LDPAgent LmsAgent LmsReceiver LmsSender LossMonitor mcastControlAgent MessageAgent MessagePassingAgent MIPBSAgent MIPMHAgent MyAgent NatAgent OLSR OLSR OmniMcastAgent PBCAgent PingAgent PingAgent PingResponder PushbackAgent QSAgent RapAgent RLM_Receiver RLM_Sender rtAgent RTCPAgent RTPAgent rtProtoDV rtProtoLS SA_Agent SAack_Agent SatRouteAgent SctpAgent SensorQueryAgent SinkAgent SRAgent SRMAgent TapAgent TcpAgent TcpSink TfrcAgent TfrcSinkAgent TPAgent UdpAgent

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Public Member Functions

 Agent (packet_t pktType)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
void recvOnly (Packet *)
void send (Packet *p, Handler *h)
virtual void timeout (int tno)
virtual void sendmsg (int sz, AppData *, const char *flags=0)
virtual void send (int sz, AppData *data)
virtual void sendto (int sz, AppData *, const char *flags, nsaddr_t dst)
virtual void sendto (int sz, AppData *, const char *flags, ns_addr_t dst)
virtual int supportMM ()
virtual void enableMM ()
virtual void sendmsg (int nbytes, const char *flags=0)
virtual void send (int nbytes)
virtual void sendto (int nbytes, const char *flags, nsaddr_t dst)
virtual void sendto (int nbytes, const char *flags, ns_addr_t dst)
virtual void connect (nsaddr_t dst)
virtual void close ()
virtual void listen ()
virtual void attachApp (Application *app)
virtual int & size ()
nsaddr_t & addr ()
nsaddr_t & port ()
nsaddr_t & daddr ()
nsaddr_t & dport ()
void set_pkttype (packet_t pkttype)
packet_t get_pkttype ()

Protected Member Functions

int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
virtual void recvBytes (int bytes)
virtual void idle ()
Packetallocpkt () const
Packetallocpkt (int) const
void initpkt (Packet *) const
virtual void trace (TracedVar *v)
void deleteAgentTrace ()
void addAgentTrace (const char *name)
void monitorAgentTrace ()
OldValuelookupOldValue (TracedVar *v)
void insertOldValue (TracedVar *v, const char *value)
void dumpTracedVars ()
virtual void trace_event (char *eventtype)

Protected Attributes

ns_addr_t here_
ns_addr_t dst_
int size_
packet_t type_
int fid_
int prio_
int flags_
int defttl_
Tcl_Channel channel_
char * traceName_

Static Protected Attributes

static int uidcnt_

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