Welcome to Yi's Home Page
    Name : Zili (Jack) Yi
    Email : yz7241@mun.ca
    Supervisor : Prof. Minglun Gong, Prof. Hao (Richard) Zhang
    Designation : Mr. Zili Yi is doing his Ph.D. in Memorial University of Newfoundland and he is also affiliated with Simon Fraser University. His research interests focus on deep learning, image synthesis, facial image analysis and point cloud analysis.

Academic Records
    Ph.D., Computer Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland & two years of visiting Simon Fraser University (3.7/4.0)
    Master, Nuclear Technology & Application, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (3.5/4.0)
    Bachelor, Physics, Nanjing University (3.7/4.0)
Employment Records
    Research Intern (part time), Altumview System Corp., Burnaby, BC, Canada
    Software Developer (part time), Nova Interactive Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Software Developer, Beijing Baishunhuanian Media Corp., Beijing, China
    Software Engineer Intern, IBM, Beijing, China
Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships
    MERL - Best Paper Award
    Memorial University Ph.D. scholarships
    Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate scholarships
    IBM Extreme Blue Expo (China Area) Award
    Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2013, Honorable Mention
    Nanjing University Renmin scholarships
    Nanjing University ACM Programming Contest, Silver Prize
Extracurricular Activities, administrative and other responsibilities
    committee member, Chinese Graduate Student Association of MUN
    President, Society of Intelligence Property of UCAS
    Volunteer, The Manuels River Experience
    Volunteer, Chinese Graduate Student Association
    Volunteer, Achieves of Nanjing University
    Volunteer, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Publications
    Yi, Zili, Yang Li, Songyuan Ji, Minglun Gong. "Artistic stylization of face photos based on a single exemplar." The Visual Computer (2016): 1-10.[link][paper][slides][exec]
    Yi, Zili, Yang Li, Minglun Gong. "An Efficient Algorithm for Feature-based 3D Point Cloud Correspondence Search": 12th International Symposium on Visual Computing, ISVC 2016 (Best Paper Award). Springer, 2016.[link][paper][slides][exec]
    Yi, Zili, Hao (Richard) Zhang, Ping Tan, Minglun Gong. "DualGAN: Unsupervised Dual Learning for Image-to-Image Translation": submitted to the International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2017.[link][paper][slides][codes][dataset]