Xianta Jiang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL, Canada, A1B 3X5

Office: EN-2010
Email: xiantaj at mun.ca
Phone: 1-709-8644096
Xianta Jiang
Short BIO: Dr. Xianta Jiang received Ph.D. from the Computer Science of the Simon Fraser University (2015) and Zhejiang University (Dual degree), where his thesis research focused on mental workload assessment using eye-tracking technology. He then completed a post-doc fellowship at the MENVA research group, Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, working on the area of detecting human activity by processing muscle activities data with machine learning algorithm. He latterly worked as a senior research associate in the Surgical Simulation Research Lab (SSRL) in the Department of Surgery at University of Alberta, studying team cognition using Augmented Reality (AR) and eye-tracking technologies. Dr. Jiang is taking the assistant professor position in the CS of MUN starting of June 2019.

Research Interest:
  • Intelligent Human Machine Interaction
  • Ubiquitous Computing in Healthcare
  • Human Behavior Recognition
  • Bio-signal Processing
  • Eye-tracking and Pupil Diameter
  • Human Factors
Book Chapters:

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Journal Publications:

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Conference Publications:

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Conference abstract/poster publications:

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