"UU Seeking to Develop Networks That Think for Themselves"

University of Ulster (01/09/2006)

The EU has selected its 14 partners for a research project on next-generation networks that have the ability to think for themselves. "What we will be exploring is how to make networks aware of what they are carrying and to make decisions based on that information," says Maurice Mulvenna, a senior lecturer on computer science at the University of Ulster's School of Computing and Mathematics. Mulvenna will be joined as a representative of the university on the CASCADA research project by Dr. Chris Nugent, also a senior lecturer of computer science, and Dr. Kevin Curran, a lecturer for the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems. The team is skilled in research involving next-generation networking and artificial intelligence systems. CASCADA could lead the way to the development of self-managing networks of sensors, which would make it less expensive and easier to monitor seniors and people with disabilities in homes, and also enhance initiatives involving smart homes. Furthermore, CASCADA research may enable the network services of mobile phone companies to configure and optimize themselves for users' devices. "Of course, this is of great interest to business as it offers lower cost services in computing and networks," adds Mulvenna. The EU is funding the three-year, 5 million euro "blue skies" research project.


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