Compatibility and performance analyses for component-based systems

Zuberek, W.M.

Proc. 25-th UK Performance Engineering Workshop, Leeds, UK, 6-7 July 2009, pp.242-245, University of Leeds 2009 (ISBN 978-0-9559703-1-3).


As software engineering continues to adopt a component-based approach toward the construction of increasingly complex software architectures, the need to assess the compatibility and interoperability of the individual software components is becoming critical during the integration phase of the software production process. This assessment includes performance analysis of integrated systems and verification of temporal requirements which can be of primary importance for many real-time and embedded systems. While manual and ad hoc strategies toward component integration have met with some success in the past, such techniques do not lend themselves well to automation. A more formal approach toward the compatibility and interoperability assessment is needed. Such a formal approach would permit an assessment based on automated techniques and would also help promote the reuse of existing software components.


Component-based systems, component compatibility, component composition, Petri nets, timed Petri nets, performance analysis.


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