Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory



The Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory (WineMocol) is a joint research group of faculty members, graduate students, and visitors at Memorial University CS and ECE. Our research interests include mobile ad hoc networking, mobile social networking, wireless sensor networks, vehicular ad hoc networking, smart grids, web information retrieval, etc. The mission of this platform is to promote synergize innovation in these information and communication technology areas. Our projects and meetings are open to the public and students and collaborators are always welcome to join them.


winemocol AT gmail|com
Engineering Building 2031A
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL, A1B 3X5, Canada




  • Faculty
  • Postdocs and visiting scholars
    • Dr. Somayeh KAFAIE
    • Dr. Shuai HAN
  • Current students
    • Chen ZHANG (PhD candidate)
    • Ali Farrokhtala (PhD candidate)
    • Ali Alfosool (PhD candidate)
    • Fan JIANG (PhD candidate)
    • Zijun GONG (PhD candidate)
    • Lian HE (MSc candidate)
    • Sipan YE (MSc candidate)
  • Former students
    • Somayeh KAFAIE (PhD, completed in 2017)
    • Yi ZHANG (PhD, completed in 2017)
    • Yeni LIANG (MSc, completed in 2017)
    • Jibei ZHAO (MSc, completed in 2016)
    • Jia LUO (MSc, completed in 2016)
    • Jingwen ZHU (MEng, completed in 2016)
    • Ruoyu SU (PhD, completed in 2015)
    • Kyung Kook SON (undergraduate research assistant)
    • Mengzhou WU (MCS, completed in 2015)
    • Hadis KAKANEJADIFARD (MCS, completed in 2015)
    • Dauren KAIYNBAYEV (MCS, completed in 2015)
    • Xu LIU (MSc, completed in 2014)
    • Sheng-Chieh Alex LIN (MCS, completed in 2014)
    • Steven Soucy (BSc Hon., completed in 2014)
    • Wenlong Wu (MASCE, completed in 2014)
    • Chengling HUANG (MCS, completed in 2014)
    • Wasiq WAQAR (MSc, completed 2013)
    • Hao GUO (MASCE, completed in 2013)
    • Xiaoyu CHENG (MASCE, completed in 2013)
    • Yi WANG (MASCE, completed in 2013)
    • Yuanchao PENG (MASCE, completed in 2013)
    • Yiying LIN (MCS, completed in 2013)
    • Zehua WANG (MEng, completed in 2012)
    • Yan LUO (MSc, completed in 2011)
    • Michael Winters (BSc Hon., completed in 2010)
    • Xingyan JIANG (MSc, completed in 2008)
    • Anne NGUGI (MSc, completed in 2009)
    • Haifeng LIN (MASCE, completed in 2006)
  • Former visitors
    • Prof. Jinbo BAI, Zhaoqing College, China
    • Dr. Christian DARABOS, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
    • Prof. Hongbin LUO, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
    • Prof. Hongke, ZHANG, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
    • Prof. Joseph PETERS, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
    • Prof. Jooyoung SON, Korea Maritime University, Busan, Korea
    • Dr. Yi CHEN, Max Plunck Institute, Leipzig, Germany
    • Prof. Lijun QIAN, Prairie View A&M University, Houston, USA
    • Prof. Qing LI, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China
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