Terri-Lynn Rimmer's Resume

So this hasn't become a webpage. Until then, this is a list of some work I have done. Otherwise you can visit my blog, Take it or leave it, NL

Mechatron - I assembled, wired, soldered, programed and named it. He was for the Circuits/Mechanisms/Mechatronics/Digital Logics course. Programmed in C! Mechatron navigates a half enclosed maze using it's left and front infrared sensors to follow the wall. He dead reckons the end (no wall to follow and not into the whole probabilistic localization thing). Mechatron's stepper motors stop periodically around the maze to fire golf balls into containers with the use of a solenoid. A 9V battery runs the main board while everything else is hooked up to 2 rechargable battery packs. A charger connector was also made to recharge them.

There were about 50 robots that participated in the competition. During each run, containers were moved. About a dozen robots managed to compete in the 2nd round and 3 made it through the final course (Mechatron was one of them). We had 10 minutes to change the code between each run. Mechatron's code was by far the fastest to change, taking several seconds.

Test Run

Calcatron - Programmed in Python.

Reaction Game - Bent sheet metal to make the case, used the lathe for the button holder, and soldiered the board together. Drilled a couple holes in and this is what I ended up with.