What is Orienteering?

The basic goal behind orienteering is to find control flags located throughout an unfamiliar country side using only a map and compass as your guide. In a typical event, the organizer places the orange and white control flags at various land features found on your map. These flags act as checkpoints along the course. The object of the sport is to use the map and compass to locate the control flags and return to the finish. Using your imagination and navigational skills, you try to select the best route to each control. Once there, you punch a control card which verifies that you found the control. There are many versions of orienteering (on foot, bicycle, or skis; at night; in relays, and so forth), but the idea is essentially the same: the use of a map and compass to find your way across unfamiliar terrain.

Our orienteering events are usually also a competition for those so inclined. In our "B" meets, participants compete for the best time in finding all the controls on a course. In score meets, participants are scored based on the number and value of the control flags found during a specific amount of time.

New members are welcome at all events and there will always be someone around to help beginners and teach them the basics. Our "B" meets have three courses, short, medium, and long, to make orienteering a fun and challenging event for all ages and skill levels! Our score meets are also suitable for all levels, as participants can aim to get as many or as few flags as they want.

All are welcome at our meets... SEE YOU THERE!

Last modified: May 2, 2011.