PL/APL Camp Night Orienteering Meet

Meet Director: Michael Rayment, Don Spencer, Marian Wissink

Meet Location: Camp Northwest

Meet Type: Night Orienteering Meet

October 13th, 2001


Sarah Osmond and Nicole Myers1st Torbay22:17
Nicolas Morin1st Torbay24:47
Kyle Butt and Chris Cross26:40
Beth Spencer and Kyla Fisher1st Torbay28:17
Scott MacIsaac and Josh Druken34:50
Paul Templeton and Allistair Whitehead35:50
Robert Moulton and Dyarb Morris42:27
Zac Pike and Chris Dunne45:54
Chris Gallant49:36
Matthew Tupper and Matthew Johnson51:50
Jonathon Walsh52:07
Scott Henderson and Nicholas Ryan52:50
Terry Riche and Curtis Connors53:41
Ryan Murphy56:32
Justin Pierce and Tim Jwer56:42
Nicholas Rowe and Michael Johnson57:23
Ken Collingwood and Patrick Murphy57:50
Collin Royal and Jeremy Hilliar62:20
Ian McTavish and Ian McCarter66:45
Adrian Charron and Andrew GarlandDNF
Veronica DymondDNF
Danielle McNicholas and Keir LamarDNF
Emma Morgan and Cory SmithDNF
Chris Frye and Andrew NormanDNF
Phillip Murphy and Kevin SooleyDNF
Isaac Morgan and Shawn LangerDNF
Kevin Stamp and Alan CaldwellDNF
Mark Petley and Mike PrinceDNF
Donald Reid and Michael MooneyDNF
Jonathon JenningDNF
Michael Squires and Josh RobertsDNF
John HilliarDNF
Gordon Drover and Joshua ButtDNF
Robert SnowDNF


Steve Sooley and Rick Cross23:02
Frankie Mallard, Aaron Simms and Reid Martin23:07
Richard de Bruyn and John de Bruyn47:11
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