MOPS Night Orienteering Meet

Meet Director: Frank Parsons & Nolan White

Meet Location: Camp Northwest

Meet Type: Night Orienteering Meet

October 10th, 1998


Morgan Warren3rd St. John's43:51
Barry KidneySt. Matthew48:22
Duncan Thompson1st Vanier55:27
Dave Martin1st St. Martins104:00
Lance Bolt1st Goulds118:00


Gareth Kenworthy and Matthew Garvin6th St. John's32:15
Scott, Mark, DaveMorris43:42
Michael Wolinetz and Ian McCurdy1st MacDonald Drive47:55
Scott Anstey and Fraser TurnerPasadena B.51:54
Steven Hicks and Chris RocheSt. Josephs52:06
Ken Conners, Chad Conners, Beavis SheaPouch Cove54:27
John Callahan and David StongeSt. Matthew57:59
Gerry Young and Geoff Power1st Vanier66:30
Jimmy Ryan and Justin RiceCowan Heights71:16
Alison and JenellePasadena A.80:00
Anderson Noel and Amy NewportRNC Mount Pearl80:15
Ken Piercey and Weldon Morrishhhhhhh81:00
John, Matthew, Tom, EricM.Q.W.81:40
Brad and Chris1st Vanier88:10
Ches Norman and Jamie Keough1st Goulds102:00
Crystal Duke and Deann Fleming1st Goulds111:00
Maria Sharpe and Heidi BrakePasadena B.114:10
Mike Martin, Paul Clowe, Andrew PritchettSt. Martins117:10
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