Meetinghouse Road, Pouch Cove

Meet Directors: Don Spencer, Helen Spencer and Pauline Emery

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 16 degrees Celsius )

Jun 8th, 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Ed and Margo Brown0:58:37
Sam, Sharene, Sarah and Emma Bromley2:51:31

Medium Course - 4.2 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan1:09:21
Duncan and Caroline McIlroy1:17:32
Michael Rendell and Garnet Edinger1:33:28
Randy Dodge1:44:31
Jonathon,phillip,Annie,Philip,Hayley,Emma and Caighlan1:54:58
Evan Edinger and Jennifer Rendell1:58:14
Erik Charron, Patrick and Emily McIlroy1:59:53
Kat Goetting and Christian Sparkes2:13:50
Matt Murphy and Kelly Strickland2:14:54
Terra Doyle and Lee Chaulker2:19:36
Mike Wilkshire2:21:36

Long Course - 5.7 km

Names Scores
Nolan White1:46:18
Norm Dimmell and Andrew Batstone1:49:58
Michale Rayment2:58:35
Dave Fifield and Amy-Lee Kouwenberg3:14:20


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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