Cape St. Francis

Meet Directors: David Benteux

Meet conditions: Started out cloudy and heavy fog rolled during the meet

June 4th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 1.5 km

Names Scores
Herb and Gladys Vivian1:38:00

Medium Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Richard Charron, Marian Wissink, Anya and Dillon2:09:00
Luke Patterson2:18:00
Tony Patterson2:48:00
Randy Dodge3:17:00
Adrian Charron and Hilary Price2:29:00(8 of 9 controls)
Stephen Brown and Michelle Downey1:57:00(3 of 9 controls)

Long Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
Nolan White1:22:00
Norm Dimmell1:32:00
Phil Graham, Graham Mowbray and Buffy2:03:00
Beth Spencer2:06:00
Don and Danny Spencer, Smokey2:09:00
Neil Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre2:38:00
Sam Bromley and Sharene Bungay3:15:00
Michael Rayment and Leon Chisholm3:18:00
Nicolas Morin and Daniel Aziz4:33:00


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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