Meet Directors:Phil Graham

Meet conditions: Sunny ( 18 degrees Celsius )

Sept 30rd , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.0 km

Names Scores
Dave Grant and Hannah Ried1:39:00
Ryan and Jack Power, Doug Marks1:57:10
Crystal and Daniel Button2:55:00

Medium Course - 3.6 km

Names Scores
Amy-Lee Kouwenberg and Emily Zimmerman1:41:40
Jill Henderson and Sean Murphy1:58:30
Mike Wilkshire2:44:30
Adam Noel and Tanya KennedyDNF

Long Course - 5.0 km

Names Scores
Alex Charron2:06:06
Tim Govare2:09:40
Lev Tarasov2:11:10
Curtis Blackwood2:12:10
Nolan White2:17:30
Barry Power2:24:00
Eileen and Richard2:57:00
Michael RaymentDNF
Eric ForestDNF
Danial RichardsDNF


Great day for orienteering

Last modified: October 18, 2012.