Cape St. Francis

Meet Directors: Jeff Driscoll and Michael Sullivan

Meet conditions: Sun, Cloud and Light Rain Shower( 11 degrees Celsius )

Sep 30 , 1:30PM Orienteering

Short Course - 3.0 km

Names Scores
Young, Greg 1:20:50
Rahal, Bill 1:29:35
Linehan, Mark 1:34:00
Hearn, Mitchill 1:35:40
Naugher, Roy/Jane Morgan 1:36:40
Dawe, Jananne/Broomfield, Danielle/Tapper, Danielle 1:39:10
Monks, Kim/Dugal, Meaghan/Llewellyn 1:39:10
Meaney, Breamn DNF
Butland, Rebecca DNF
Hearn, Cheryl DNF
Dove, Brittany DNF
Qiu, Yuhoo DNF
Emily, Alex and Lucas DNF
Patick and Zachy DNF

Medium Course - 3.9 km

Names Scores
Hearn, Trevor 1:41:55
Dalton, Richard 1:44:30
Parrish, Kathleen/ Dobbin, Megan/Maguire, Niamh/Predham, Katie/Predham, Heather 2:16:30
Blackwood, Curtis 2:37:00
Dodge, Randy 2:40:00
Taylor, Kim, Colin, Noah and Jake 2:50:10
McEvoy, Shane 2:57:08
Power, Josh 2:58:52
Dean, Karlton 2:59:35
Dalton, Johny 3:01:52
Churchill, Mark and Cook, Chad DNF
Wilkshire, Mike DNF
Power, Richard DNF
Browne, Eilish/Dyer, Ella/Chafe, Janelle/Graham, Molly/Browne, Olivia Curtis/Hill, Kaylen DNF
Power, Ellen/Kennedy, Julia/ Wareham, Kayleigh/McKay Kirsten/Dobbin, Maria/Reddin, Joan DNF
O'Grady, Tim DNF
McIlroy, Philip and Story, Holly DNF
Hilary, Adrian and Margot DNF
Doyle, Mike and Sarah and McIlroy, Caroline DNF
Charron, Richard DNF

Long Course - 5.6 km

Names Scores
Roy, Noel 2:17:00
Walsh, Shawna 2:27:05
Brown, Stephen 2:36:15
Raymond, Michael 3:07:50
Monks, Kayla and Wade, Shelaine DNF
Spencer, Don DNF
Roy, Kagan DNF
Edinger, Evan and Rendell, Mick DNF
Shawn, Conway DNF


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