Meetinghouse Road Meet Results

Meet Director: Phil Graham

Weather - Sunny, 12 degrees C

September 30th 1:30PM

Long Course

Names Scores
Nolan White 119:10
Michael Rayment 131:16
Noel Roy 144:00
Abigail Steele and Marian Wissink 184:29

Medium Course

Names Scores
Daniel Schillereff and Danny Spencer 63:52
Margot Doucet and Nicolas Morin 82:05
Adam Templeton and Neil Bobbitt 94:05
Marianne Stopp 97:33
Randy Dodge 114:30
Tony Middleton 127:00
Kim Whitmore 129:10
Eva Whitmore 130:10
Kagan Roy, Nick Furneaux and Matthew Hancock 140:40
Alexis Templeton and Brian Reynolds 147:28
Pauline Emery and Helen Spencer 153:42

Short Course

Names Scores
Dave Fifield 55:28
Richard McKenna and Thomas McKenna 66:14
Kyla Fisher and Beth Spencer 83:33
Meaghan LeMessurier and Joe Reynolds DNF
Jill Henderson and Ricky Bonnell DNF
Erik Charron, Landon Fisher and Skye FIsher DNF
Ruth Spencer and Kayla Hickey DNF
Last updated on September 25, 2001
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