Pippy Park Meet Results

Meet Directors: Michael Rayment

May 30th 1:30PM

Short Course

Names Scores
Andy, Landon, Skye36:59
Michael Rendell & Toby Rabinowitz59:11
Scott & Eleanor Schillereff and Ruth70:16
Patty Wells and Adele Poynter75:10
Margot, Adrien, Suzanne, Jenny, Anais, Beth, Kyla76:34

Medium Course

Names Scores
Marian Wissink and Pauline Emery63:19
Alexander, Paul, Daniel, Danny67:59
Tony Middleton85:44
Phil and Molly Graham106:59
John Bowden and Jane BannisterDNF
Adrien Doucet and Alex CharronDNF

Long Course

Names Scores
Nick Leja and Nadya Bell50:58
Mary Skaug54:52
Nolan White63:44
Don and Helen Spencer69:42
Martin Mulligan71:54
Randy Dodge96:33
Frank Parsons105:10
Bridget NeameDNF
Last updated on June 1, 1999.
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