South Side Hills

Meet Director: Nolan White

Meet conditions: Cloudy ( 8 degrees Celsius )

May 30, 1:30PM

Medium Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
Randy Dodge2:37:15
Kagan Roy1:38:00(5 of 9)DNF
Elizabeth Oliver1:42:00(5 of 9)DNF
Jamie Jennings and Dominique Bry2:21:55(7 of 9)DNF
Dave Fifield, Jill Bonnell2:29:14(7 of 9)DNF

Long Course - 6.2 km

Names Scores
David Benteau2:13:30
Margo Doucet and Erik Charron2:36:26
Keith Lewis2:47:12
Beth Spencer3:27:16
Michael Sullivan and Jeff Driscoll3:35:14
Marian Wissink, Pauline Emery and Helen Spencer3:43:00
Nicolas Morin2:36:26(7 of 10)DNF
Don Spencer and Smokey3:37:15(7 of 10)DNF
John Doucet, Richard Charron and Danny Spencer2:36:15(7 of 10)DNF
Noel RoyDNF

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