Pippy Park, Groves Road

Meet Directors: Noel Roy and Elizabeth Oliver

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 14 degrees Celsius )

October 2nd , 1:30PM

Short Course - 2.6 km

Names Scores
Curtis Blackwood0:22:59
Sasha Walsh0:42:15
Deb English0:45:52
Jasper and Evan Edinger0:51:00
Matthew Ryan0:54:30
Elizabeth Oliver0:54:44
Barb and Meghan Brooker1:00:19
Karen Wakeham1:00:28
Alison Verbree, Luke Anthony, Andrew Redmond,Luke Redmond and Don Boyle1:06:48
Roger Peach and Scott Hartery1:08:07
Jeff and Emma Holmes1:09:58
Gilliam Rideout, Chris Strang and Kimberly Viquers1:28:40
Alyssa, Joshua, Jennifer and Gary Cutler1:30:16
Andrew Brooker and Alex Darby1:59:49
Garnett Edinger and Jennifer Rendell2:05:50
Jeremy Bonim2:49:09

Medium Course - 4.0 km

Names Scores
Martin Mulligan1:20:06
Clark Richards and Tara Simmons1:31:40
Sharene Bungay and Sam Bromley1:40:34
Joanna Chong, Anne Monier and Carolyn Chong1:46:15
Murray Brooker1:49:45
Karleton Dean1:52:58
Tammy and David Benteau1:55:14
Patrick Goodyear1:55:29
Jolene Barron1:56:07
Justin Hearn1:59:46
Trevor Hearn2:06:33
Todd Philpott2:07:00
Mark White and Nicole Powers2:07:48
Jeffrey Cole2:24:03
Kagan Roy2:28:10
Randy Dodge2:59:03
Tim Moore, Rachel, Bronwyn and MargaretDNF
David and Susan JonesDNF
Paul Bendzsa, Lisa, Matthew and NicolasDNF
Shaelane Wade, Megan DugalDNF
Kayla MunksDNF
Michael Rendell, Farid Asadpoul and David RendellDNF
Leslie MooreDNF
Tony and Aiden PattersonDNF

Long Course - 6.5 km

Names Scores
Barry Power2:08:23
Nolan White2:23:21
Michael Rayment2:34:20
Shawna Walsh2:47:48
Neil Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre2:55:25
Pauline Emery and Marian Wissink3:32:30
Alex DugalDNF


Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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