Butterpot Park

Meet Directors: Keith and Barb Taylor

Meet conditions: Heavy rain, windy and 10C

October 29th , 1:30PM

Score Meet Results

Names Time
Crystal Lenky, Heather McIntosh and Jennifer Guy 69:00
Sampath Seneviratne and Alain Lusignan 73:00
Beth Spencer and Kyla Fisher 74:00
Michael Rayment 86:00
Andrew Noel 91:00
Mike Wilkshire 94:00
Sharene Bungay, Pearl Bromley and Sam Bromley 95:00
Chris Connors, Don, Helen and Danny Spencer 97:00
Randy Dodge 101:00
Heather Predham, Katie Predham, Megan Dobbin, Amelia Harris,
Joan Reddin, Catherine S. Dziadura, Ellen Power and Olga Trela
Flora Seymour, Brad Manuel and Sarah Predham 106:00
Jon Byrne and Adam Pike 109:00
Frank O'Connor 109:00
Paul, Dwanda, Kelsey and Emma Lutz 114:00
Colin, Kim, Noah and Jake Taylor 114:00
Joe, Frances, Joelle and Miguel Santo 114:00
Daniel, Janet, Taylor and Morgan O'Connor 114:00
Jason, Heather, Jaxon, Bradley and Holly Thistle 114:00
Elise Morin 115:00
Tony Kane, Tanya MacDonald and Sarah Brittain 117:00
Matthew Kennedy, Ian Edwards and Travis Pennell 118:00
Lorraine Fleming, Holly Fleming and Caroline Boone 119:00
Caroline Muselet and Nolan White 119:00
Veronica Barrett and Neil Barrett 120:00
Jenny Berniquez and Heather Philpott 143:00 DNF
Josh Berniquez, Tyler Stacey and Jordan Berniquez 140:00 DNF
Matthew Nightingale and Alyssa Spurrell 130:00 DNF
Travis Tucker and Shannon Helpert 124:00 DNF
John Seymour, Ben Manuel and Nick Jesperson 121:00 DNF
Heather Campbell and Michael Earle 116:00 DNF
Stephen Dillon and Chris Duke 112:00 DNF
Karen, Jeff, Emma and Grace Holmes and Allison Crowley 105:00 DNF
Tony Middleton 95:00 DNF
Ryan Tracey, Tony Bennett and Kaiti Wescott 83:00 DNF
Katie Hutchings, Chantel Clancy, Alicia Healey, Holly Samms and Whitney Samms 83:00 DNF
Jocelyn Shaw and Catherine Beh 83:00 DNF
Jennifer Rendell, Evan, Garnett and Jasper Edinger 71:00 DNF
Sherri Philpott and Danielle Brittain 65:00 DNF
Pauline Emery and John Doucet DNF
Darrell Kean DNF


Draw for a pumpkin was won by Caroline Muselet.

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