Pippy Park, Groves Road

Meet Directors: Abigail Steel and Marian Wissink

Meet conditions: Sun and Cloud ( 13 degrees Celsius )

May 28th , 1:30PM

Short Course - 3.2 km

Names Scores
Verlé Havrop and Ben Steffler0:39:52
Dave Fifield0:47:00
Heather Predham, Katie Predham, Joan Reddin, Catherine - Sarah Dzradura0:57:12
Herb, Grant, Hannah Vivian, Lydon Thorpe1:01:26
Ian Fleming, Holly, Ioana, Holly, Emma, Christina1:08:10
Lori Fleming, Stefanie, Molly, Anna, Jane, Caroline1:22:26
Emma and Karen Holmes1:24:45
Grace, Jeff, Grandparents Holmes, Bailey1:37:48
Sam and Shelley Bauer, Nathalie Vanasse, Jonathan and Maurice Babin1:52:20

Medium Course - 4.8 km

Names Scores
Bill Walker??:??
Beth Spencer1:26:57
Murray Brooker, Lou1:28:14
Tony and Luke Patterson1:28:44
Kagan Roy1:49:00
Adrian Charron and Hillary Price1:49:42
Caroline Chong, Ian Whetter1:59:59
Randy Dodge2:12:00
Noah Fleming2:18:00
Kim Hart and Tim Russel and dogs3:19:40

Long Course - 5.9 km

Names Scores
Nicolas Morin1:11:57
Noel Roy1:17:53
Norm Dimmell1:23:04, 9 out of 10
Don and Helen Spencer, Smokey1:46:34
Michael Rayment1:55:42
Richard Charron, Anya2:05:00
Kat Goetting and Eric Porcellato, Andy?2:10:40
Sam Bromley2:11:08
Nolan White2:12:42
Mike Wilkshire2:29:57
Neil Barrett and Veronica Lefebvre3:01:42


Apologies for misplacing #6 on medium/ #4 on long. Thanks to all who helped out; especially Erik Charron for setting out the long course (and who has promised to take it down again). Bill - we didn't take down your finish time, do you remember who you came in with? Hope to see you all at the next meet.

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